Frederick J. Bart

Imagine a room full of relaxed people listening to an exciting and enjoyable presentation. Think about a presentation on a topic of interest to every one of them: how to become wealthy. Now imagine that you coordinated the event, with very little effort. Think about how will you feel when person after person thanks you for arranging such an informative meeting.

Imagine the electricity when one of your audience members wins a package worth $495 or $995—at no expense to you or to anyone in attendance.

Imagine the thrill when everyone in your audience realizes they’ll receive a complimentary one year subscription to a monthly newsletter, full of up-to-the-minute opportunities to further their financial wealth—again, at no expense to you or anyone in the audience.

Turn your imagination into reality. Invite Frederick Bart to speak at your next event. An email will quickly confirm his availability for the date of your meeting.

Hiring a speaker with Frederick Bart’s caliber and credentials is never inexpensive, as there are travel and lodging expenses to offset. Yet, if your group is large enough—and if you budget funds into the registration fee to purchase enough copies of the book, Middle Class To MILLIONAIRE—he can address your audience with no out-of-pocket expenses to your organization. Imagine hiring a world class speaker with enough information to change the financial worlds of your audience members.

Are you ready to stop the imagining? Are you ready to deliver an evening that will exceed the expectations of your guests? Then


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