After receiving a medical degree, Frederick J. Bart completed a post-graduate surgical residency under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He spent a decade performing emergency and elective reconstructive surgery before changing the focus of his attention. He delights in transforming persons of average income with above average motivation into millionaires. The author provides teleseminars, free of charge. He is available for individual consultations and coaching. Bart enjoys a broad spectrum of interests. As an Undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, he Was a member of the cheerleading squad and president of W8UM, the amateur radio station. An avid athlete, Bart has run several 26.2 mile marathons. He’s a certified SCUBA diver and referee for soccer. Among his diverse accomplishments: Bart has observed and photographed three different comets and served as a Torchbearer for the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. He’s participated in unusual travel opportunities, visiting four continents. Bart has journeyed twice to Africa on safari, toured the arctic tundra with Inuit Eskimos, pursued elk in mountains infested with grizzly bear, and stalked black bear under the northern lights. As a co-founder of www.ExecutiveCurrency.com and the Chief Executive Officer of BART, Inc, he became a nationally recognized authority on United States paper money, appearing on CNN and NBC, as well as in USA Today and countless other newspapers. His corporation caters to investors and collectors seeking to expand their portfolios of historic currency. He has authored three books and a DVD on the topic. Bart, his wife, and children reside, invest, and enjoy the fruits of the Middle Class To MILLIONAIRE journey in suburban Detroit.

Torchbearer for the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Completing a 26.2 mile marathon, his son ran the last several miles with him.

Hiking from Zimbabwe into Zambia, with his wife, along the rim of the Victoria Falls.

Uncut sheet of U.S. currency with a face value of $1.2 million. Each note is worth $100,000.

Performing emergency surgery on a patient with a life-threatening gunshot wound.

Resting to watch a herd of wildebeest  while on safari in South Africa with his daughter.
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