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Lisa Nicole Bell
10 May 2011
12 May 2011


 Mike Austin
11 May 2011

Mike Austin

 “Something to Talk About”
Bonnie D. Graham
2 May 2011


TV SHOW “Something to Talk About” is the natural extension of Bonnie D Graham’s radio show “Read My Lips”, with her quick wit, vivacious personality, and uneneding charm she is the consummate host; catch her show regularly for enlightenment and entertainment.   Frederick J. Bart appeared as a remote guest, via Skype.


 Gary Freeman
23 April 2011

Gary Freeman Host of Across America

Gary Freeman, host of Across America, conducts a leisurely and informative interview with Frederick J Bart about practical steps that anyone can implement to dig out of debt or start towards millionaire status.


George Mason Dixon
15 April 2011

Frederick J. Bart shared tax day tips with the listeners of WDUN.  Common sense ideas on how to use your income tax refund and minimize next year’s tax liability.


Frank Truatt
7 April 2011

 Frank Truatt and Frederick J. Bart entertain his listeners with wit and wisdom on matters relating to personal finance.


Bonnie D. Graham–”Radio Red”
7 March 2011


Frederick J Bart joined the ever-entertaining, ever-delightful Bonnie D. Graham (“Radio Red”) for 20 minutes on her widely followed radio show, Read My Lips.


Bill Frank–”Billy the Brain”
24 February  2011

Here’s a link to the MP3 audio of Bill Frank’s interview with Frederick Bart’s on KKZZ…a Ventura (CA) radio station with a listenership of 1.3 million:

24 January 2011

Brett Goldstein
6 January  2011

Ever the devil’s advocate, Brett Goldstein forces guests (and more importantly listeners) to evaluate and re-evaluate their thinking to achieve their maximum success.  Brett is both challenging and entertaining…and Frederick Bart never missed a beat in keeping up with the savvy host.

Dave Chaffin
5  January  2011

KGAB–with it’s AM Talk Radio format–serves metro-Denver (CO) from it’s station in Cheyenne (WY).  To kick off the New Year, Frederick J. Bart discussed ways to slim spending and fatten savings without ever setting foot into a gym.

Steve Olsher
30 December 2010

Steve Olsher 1

Steve Olsher, host of ReInvention Radio and author of Journey to You, interviews Frederick J Bart about concrete steps that listeners can put into place immediately to begin their own quest for wealth.

Gary Pozsik
6 December 2010

Filling the need for a last minute guest on the Gary Pozsik Show, Frederick J. Bart spent the half-hour with the host covering the risks and rewards of on-line shopping. Topics ran the gamut from not entering personal data at public WiFi hotspots to the potentially exhorbitant restocking fees charged by some e-tailers.

Michael Patrick Shiels              
29 November 2010

Frederick J. Bart discusses money-saving tips for Cyber Monday…and what to do with the money you saved by shopping on-line. These tips work year ’round, not just during the holiday season.

Micheal Ray Dresser
23 November 2010

Legendary radio personality, Michael Ray Dresser, interviews Frederick J. Bart.  They cover some basic principles of personal finance of benefit to everyone.

Kim Iverson
22 November 2010

“Save Your Savings”–Frederick J. Bart shares the technique with Kim Iverson’s audience.  A simple strategy to begin to amass wealth, without buying real estate or investing in the stock market.

Lisa Nicole Bell
8 November 2010

Frederick J. Bart and co-guest Gary Patterson spend an hour on “Money Matters” with host Lisa Nicole Bell.  Although Bart focuses on personal finance and Patterson’s niche is corporate finance, the two offer the listening audience to implement on a daily basis.  (This broadcast lasts one hour.)

Jack Cafield
June, 2010


Jack Canfield–co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series–with Frederick Bart,  after discussing Middle Class To Millionaire

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