MILLIONAIRE in the MAKING Program and Package

Our most popular program; it is the perfect balance of cost and information. It includes personalized feedback and attention, directly from Frederick Bart.  The correct answer to a single question alone can help you make a major advancement from Middle Class to Millionaire.

The package, Millionaire in the Making, is ideal for the motivated individual seeking to make quick and sustainable progress. It is especially useful if one (or both) partners learn better in a variety of ways, as there are video DVDs, audio CDs, written financial worksheets, etc.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Email answers to two specific questions—specific personalized and customized responses by Frederick Bart to your questions. Expect that the research and response will take about 15 minutes. Such questions can be answered in three sentences or less.
  • Examples of questions that qualify are: “my bank is paying 1.45% interest on a savings account with a minimum of a $20,000 balance.  Is that a competitive rate?” A question that would not qualify for a “quick response” might be “how do I go about determining the competitive interest rate for savings accounts with a minimum balance of $20,000?”…$395 value
  • 4 DVD seminars—watch them at your convenience—all the information of being there, without the hassle and expense of travel…a  $395 value
  • Financial worksheets to record current income, spending and savings habits…this provides a detailed analysis of your cash flow;  (some members of the Rapid Road to Riches program feel that taking the time to study their finances was worth the $995 enrollment fee)…$295 value
  • 4 CD interviews—listen in your car or at home…a $95 value
  • Secret to Savings Special Report: 501 FREEBIES—more than $2500 in free, immediate products…a $95 value
  • Secret to Savings Special Report: Commandments of Cash…a $95 value
  • Making Millions—the monthly newsletter; a one year subscription…a $29.95 value
  • Priority seating for you and a guest at any seminars (if any are held) during the next twelve months…a $95 value
  • Guaranteed  acceptance into all teleseminars during the next twelve months

Investments don’t cost; they pay.

The Millionaire in the Making program contains more than $1400 in value for a one-time investment of $495…or three convenient monthly payments of $195 each.

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