CNET: Source of Free Software

No matter how many programs were loaded on your new laptop when you bought it, no doubt you’ll stumble across the need for another program in short order. This is even truer if you’ve just acquired a refurbished or second-hand computer. Using software is generally less painful than paying for it–although both can be frustrating at times. Rather than stopping by an office supply store to have the clerk remove a carton from a locked glass showcase or visiting an on-line store and having your credit card unlock the access code for a download, investigate alternate sources of free software. CNET offers nearly two dozen different categories of free software. User reviews explain the pros and cons of the available programs. Some of the software is entirely free of cost other programs are free to try. Go to
CNET also offers free downloads for smartphones–just one more incentive to visit the site!–Coupons for Cool Savings and Cold Cash

Been using a cool site:  to rack up savings on items we were going to buy, anyhow.  After a quick registration, expect   access to discounts and an email with current coupons.  The savings come in six major categories–including free samples!  Their  motto  is “savings made simple” which is aligns perfectly with my philosophy that small incremental changes will propel you from Middle Class To Millionaire. Never buy what you don’t need; never pay more than you have to.  –Frederick J. Bart