Middle Class to MILLIONAIRE

Middle Class To MILLIONAIRE starts with a Foreword by John W. Walter, the Executive Vice President of Trump Management and ends with a useful glossary of terms by Brian O’Connell,  New York Times bestselling author. But, it’s the pages in between that matter the most.

Frederick J. Bart writes in such a relaxed style that the reader might momentarily forget that the topic is personal finance. Unlike other books on the subject, the reader will turn pages as if reading a novel—while absorbing simple successful strategies to make themself and their children wealthy.

The book contains tried and true techniques that propelled the author from Middle Class to MILLIONAIRE, by making changes in savings and spending habits. Suited for anyone from high school age or older it also makes an excellent gift.

If you still need a bit of convincing, here’s an entire chapter of the book – FREE!

Chapter 1: What is Wealth? (Personal Perspective on Prosperity). I used to joke that my parents have two children: one’s a doctor and one’s successful. I’m the doctor. While I spent years in school pursuing a professional career and a traditional route towards financial freedom, my younger brother took a more aggressive approach…

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